Valid name:

Goliathus goliatus (Linnaeus, 1771)

Goliathus adspersus Sjöstedt, 1928; Goliathus africanus Lamarck, 1801; Goliathus albatus Kraatz, 1897;Goliathus albipennis Endrödi, 1960; Goliathus albovariegatus Sjöstedt, 1928; Goliathus apicalis Kraatz, 1895; Goliathus confluens Kraatz, 1897; Goliathus confluens Sjöstedt, 1928; Goliathus conjunctivittis Kraatz, 1898; Goliathus connectens Csiki, 1904; Goliathus conspersus Kraatz, 1889; Goliathus curtivittis Kraatz, 1898; Goliathus druryi MacLeay, 1838; Goliathus giganteus Lamarck, 1817; Goliathus goliath Sulzer, 1776; Goliathus goliathus Goeze, 1777; Goliathus grandis Veen, 1904;Goliathus guttatus Endrödi, 1960; Goliathus hieroglyphicus Sjöstedt, 1928; Goliathus imperialis Klug, 1835; Goliathus intermedius Kraatz, 1895; Goliathus interruptus Kraatz, 1897; Goliathus longivittis Kraatz, 1898; Goliathus magnus Duncan, 1835; Goliathus marginatus Kraatz, 1889; Goliathus marginifer Kraatz, 1889; Goliathus nigripes Kraatz, 1895; Goliathus palmatus Endrödi, 1960; Goliathus quadrimaculatus Kraatz, 1895; Goliathus striatus Sjöstedt, 1928; Goliathus trivittatus Endrödi, 1960; Goliathus undulatus Kraatz, 1897; Goliathus undulus Sjöstedt, 1928; Goliathus vittiger Endrödi, 1960
Names like conspersus , albatus , quadrimaculatus and others that are frequently used are not valid names even at the subspecies level. These are only color forms G. goliatus (Linnaeus, 1771).

Size : 50 – 110 mm
Origin : Cameroon, Central African Rep., Congo, Gabon, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda
Temperature : 15-25 ° C
Humidity air : medium to high
Substrate moisture : Medium, low at the time of pupation
Length of development : 18-26 months
Food for adults : sweet fruit, BeetleJelly
Food for larvae : a mixture of rotting wood and foliage, but best fermented sawdust (Flake Soil)
Special requirements: Layer of substrate for laying eggs at least 30 cm. Tighten the bottom 1/3 of the layer and keep it moist. Larvae must be reared individually. They require feeding animal protein. It cocoons in a high layer of dry sandy-clay mixture.
Difficulty of breeding : medium to high