Accepted name:

Agnorimus pictus tibialis (Chujo, 1938)

Agnorimus pictus tibialis
Agnorimus pictus tibialis
Size: 18 – 26 mm
Origin: Taiwan
Temperature: 18 – 26°C
Air humidity: medium
Substrate moisture: medium to low
Development time: about 1 year
Food for adults: pear, apple, BeetleJelly
Food for larvae: white rotten wood
Special claims: Females lay eggs into a layer of white decayed wood, larvae like to build their cocoons in blocks of the decayed wood.
Difficulty breeding: relatively easy
Other known subspecies:
Agnorimus pictus hayashii Miyake & Iwase, 1991

Other known species of genus:
Agnorimus masumotoi Fujioka, 2011


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