Accepted name:

Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani reducta (Allard, 1991)

Synonyms of the subspecies:
Coelorrhina affinis Aurivillus, 1886; Coelorrhina quadrimaculata Péringuey, 1907
Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani reducta
Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani reducta
Size: about 30 mm
Origin: Cameroon
Temperature: 20 – 25°C
Air humidity: medium to high
Substrate moisture: medium
Development time: 5 – 6 month
Food for adults: bannana, pear, BeetleJelly
Food for larvae: leaf compost
Special claims: none
Breeding difficulty: very easy, required for beginners
Cyprolais hornimani collinsi (Allard, 1982)
Cyprolais hornimani elgonensis Allard, 1983
Cyprolais hornimani lerui Allard, 1993
Cyprolais hornimani nathaliae (Allard, 1988)
Cyprolais hornimani quadripunctata Allard, 1985
Cyprolais hornimani reducta (Allard, 1991)
Cyprolais hornimani rougeoti (Allard, 1991)
Cyprolais hornimani ruficeps Kolbe, 1884
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