Accepted name:

Dicronorrhina derbyana oberthuri Deyrolle, 1876

Dicronorrhina derbyana oberthuri
Dicronorrhina derbyana oberthuri
Size: 35 – 50 mm
Origin: Kenya, Tanzania
Temperature: 20-26°C
Air humidity: medium
Substrate moisture: medium
Development time: 7 -10 months
Food for adults: sweet fruits, BeetleJelly
Food for larvae: mixture of leaf compost and white decayed wood
Special claims:  none
Breeding difficulty: relatively easy
Dicronorrhina derbyana carnifex Harold, 1878
Dicronorrhina derbyana conradsi Kolbe, 1909
Dicronorrhina derbyana lettowvorbecki Kriesche, 1920
Dicronorrhina derbyana derbyana Westwood, 1843

Other known species:
Dicronorrhina cavifrons
Dicronorrhina johnstoni
Dicronorrhina micans
Dicronorrhina morettoi

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