Accepted name: 

Diplognatha gagates (Forster, 1771)

Scarabaeus carbonaria De Geer, 1774
Size: 25 – 30 mm
Origin: Widespread species south of the Sahara
Temperature: 20-25°C
Air humidity: medium to low
Substrate moisture: medium to low
Development time: 3 – 4 moths
Food for adults: fruits, BeetleJelly
Food for larvae: mixture of leaf compost and cow manure (3:1)
Special claims: low substrate moisture in pupa stage;
Breeding difficulty: medium to high; females poorly lay eggs – good results can be obtained if larvae of other species are present in the substrate (Petr Malec,
Diplognatha gagates holoserica Bainbridge, 1842
Diplognatha gagates silicea MacLeay, 1838
Other known species:
Diplognatha blanchardi Schaum, 1844
Diplognatha crampeli Fairmaire, 1893
Diplognatha inaequalis Schürhoff, 1942
Diplognatha mhondana Moser, 1901
Diplognatha montana Kolbe, 1892
Diplognatha pagana Harold, 1879
Diplognatha preussi Kolbe, 1892
Diplognatha purpurascens (Fabricius, 1792)
Diplognatha subaenea Duvivier, 1891
Diplognatha viridichalcea Kolbe, 1897
Diplognatha viridula Janson, 1877
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