Accepted name: 

Eudicella morgani White , 1839

Eudicella intermedia challemeli Allard, 1985; E. morgani camerouensis Allard, 1991; E. morgani togoensis Allard, 1991; E. ougandensis viridipurpurata Devecis, 1997; E. poggei mandarina Devecis, 1997; E. schultzeorum pseudowoermanni Allard, 1991; E. woermanni Kraatz, 1890; E. woermanni alexisi Hennuy, 1997; E. woermanni ignea Kraatz, 1890; E. woermanni lateralis Kraatz, 1890; E. woermanni nathaliae Allard, 1988; E. woermanni subvittata Kraatz, 1890; E. woermanni viridipennis Kraatz, 1890; E. woermanni vittipennis Kraatz, 1890
Eudicella daphnis
Eudicella daphnis
Eudicella morgani - melanická forma / melanic form
Eudicella morgani - melanická forma / melanic form

This melanic form spontaneously appeared in the reared population of E. organi. By selection, a separate fertile population with stable coloration was created. However, egg laying gradually decreased, and eventually, after more than 3 years, the population disappeared.

Size: 25 – 45 mm
Origin:  Cameroon
Temperature: 22 – 28°C
Humidity: 50 – 80%
Development time: 6 – 7 months
Food for adults: sweet fruits, BeetleJelly
Food for larvae: leaves compost
Special requirement: none
Breeding difficulty: easy; recommended for beginners

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