Accepted name

Eudicella smithii (MacLeay, 1838)

Ceratorhina (Eudicella) thomsoni Ancey, 1880; Cetoninus (Goliathus) smithii MacLeay, 1838; Eudicella euthalia natalensis Allard, 1985; Eudicella gralli interruptefasciata Kraatz, 1899; Eudicella hacquardi Oberthür, 1880; Eudicella smithi allardi Ruter, 1978; Eudicella smithi allardiana Antoine, 1998; Eudicella smithi castanoptera Janson, 1911; Eudicella smithi trilineata Quedenfeld, 1880

Eudicella smithii trilineata
Eudicella smithii trilineata
Size: 25 – 35  mm
Origin: Tanzania, Malawi
Temperature: 20 – 30°C
Air humidity: medium to hight
Substrate moisture: medium
Development time: cca 6 – 7 month
Food for adults: sweet fruits, BeetleJelly
Food for larvae: leaves compost (oak, beech)
Special requirements:
Breeding difficulty: easy
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