Accepted name:

Jumnos ruckeri Saunders, 1839

Jumnos ruckeri
Jumnos ruckeri

Size: 30 – 55 mm
Origin: Thailand
Temperature: 18-26 ° C
Humidity: medium
Substrate Humidity: Medium
Duration of development: 9 – 12 months
Adult food: ripe fruit, BeetleJelly
Food for larvae: oak leaf
Special requirements: at the time of pupation, the substrate must be kept drier, especially in the upper layer where pupae larvae
Difficulty of breeding: easy

Jumnos ruckeri Nosei, 1992
Jumnos ruckeri pfanneri Scherer, 1978
Jumnos ruckeri satoi Nagai, 1979
Jumnos ruckeri tonkinensis Nagai, 1992

Other known species of this genus:
Jumnos ferreroiminettiique
Jumnos roylei
Jumnos ruckeri

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