Accepted name

Mecynorhina (Megalorhina) harrisii eximia (Aurivillius, 1886)

Mecynorhina harrisii eximioides Allard, 1988; Megalorrhina harrisii eximia Aurivillius, 1886; Megalorrhina limbata Kolbe, 1892

Mecynorhina (Megalorhina) harrisii eximia
Mecynorhina (Megalorhina) harrisii eximia

Size: 25 – 60 mm
Origin: Togo, Cameroon, Congo, Central African Republic, Ghana, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea
Temperature: 20 – 25 ° C
Humidity: medium to lower
Development time: 7 – 10 months
Food for adults: sweet ripe fruit, BeetleJelly
Food for larvae : blend of leaf and rot, or fermented sawdust (Flake Soil)
Special requirements: Larvae must be reared individually. I recommend feeding animal protein. Cocoons should be kept in a relatively dry substrate.
Breeding difficulty: medium

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