Accepted name

Mecynorhina (Mecynorrhinella) oberthuri kirchneri Drumont, 1998

Mecynorhina (Mecynorrhinella) oberthuri kirchneri
Mecynorhina (Mecynorrhinella) oberthuri kirchneri

Size: 45 – 80 mm
Origin: Tanzania (Arusha Mountains, Usambara Mountains and Uluguru Mountains)
Air temperature: 17 – 26 ° C
Substrate temperature: 14 – 23 ° C
Air humidity: medium to high
Substrate moisture: Medium to Low
Time of development: approx. 10 – 12 months
Food for adults: banana, pear, apple, BeetleJelly
Food for larvae: fermented sawdust (Flake Soil)
Special requirements: Low temperature in the L2-3 stage to the pupa. Cocoons should be kept in a relatively dry substrate at low temperature. As soon as is the beetle developed in a cocoon, temperature and humidity can be gradually increased.
Breeding difficulty: moderate to high – the pupa stage is a critical phase.

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