Accepted name

Carabus (Coptolabrus) monilifer branickii Taczanowski, 1888

Carabus (Coptolabrus) monilifer branickii
Carabus (Coptolabrus) monilifer branickii
Size:   30 – 45 mm
Origin: South Korea
Temperature: -5 /+25°C
Air humidity: medium to high
Substrate moisture: medium
Development time: cca 3 months
Food for adults: snails, best genus Cepaea and Arianta, insects, fruits
Food for larvae: snails of genus Cepaea and Arianta are required for successful breeding; occasionally eat dead insects and fruits
Special requirements: the beetles hibernate at temperatures of -5 to +5 ° C for 2-5 months; the larvae do not need to be bred individually; they pupate in a 10-15 cm deep layer of sand-clay substrate
Breeding difficulty: relatively simple with proper feeding and keeping low temperatures