Eudicella White, 1839

Last revision of the Genus Eudicella White,1839 is work of Michele de Palma from 2009 year (Michele De Palma, Taxonomic revision of Eudicella White (ColeopteraCetoniinae) and Iconographic Catalogue).

Subgenus: Eudicella White, 1839


Eudicella (Eudicella) aethiopica Müller, 1941
Synonyme: Eudicella chloe aethiopica Müller, 1941


Eudicella bouyeri Leonard & Beinhundner, 2014


Eudicella (Eudicella) chloe Raffray, 1885
Synonyme:Eudicella chloe aethiopica Müller, 1941


Eudicella (Eudicella) colmanti Braem, 1907
Synonyme: Eudicella colmanti edohi Allard, 1991; Eudicella colmanti ivoriensis Devecis, 1997


Eudicella (Eudicella) cupreosuturalis Bourgoin, 1913
Synonyme: Ceratorrhina cupreosuturalis castanescens Allard, 1985; Ceratorrhina cyano Allard, 1985


Eudicella (Eudicella) daphnis (Buquet, 1835)
Synonyms: Eudicella darandi Bourgoin, 1923; Eudicella morgani schultzeorum Kolbe, 1906; Eudicella schultzeorum opdebeeki Allard, 1991
Eudicella daphnis frantzi (De Palma, 2010)


Eudicella (Eudicella) darwiniana Kraatz, 1880
Synonyme: Eudicella darwiniana flavoclypealis Devecis, 1997


Eudicella (Eudicella) ducalis Kolbe, 1914
Synonyme: Eudicella rufino Allard, 1985


Eudicella (Eudicella) frontalis Westwood, 1843


Eudicella (Eudicella) gralli (Buquet, 183)
Synonyms: Eudicella cyanea Allard, 1985; Eudicella daphnis mongumbensis Preiss, 1933; Eudicella darwini Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella elisabethae Burgeon, 1934; Eudicella gralli aureovittata Allard, 1991; Eudicella gralli elgonensis Allard, 1985; Eudicella gralli hecqi Allard, 1985; Eudicella gralli hubini Allard, 1991; Eudicella gralli imatongensis Allard, 1985; Eudicella gralli iturica Allard, 1985; Eudicella gralli mechowi Quedenfeld, 1880; Eudicella gralli orientalis Allard, 1985; Eudicella gralli umbrovittata Allard, 1985; Eudicella herculeana Devecis, 1997; Eudicella ignita Westwood, 1843; Eudicella integrefasciata Pangella, 1909; Eudicella poggei Kolbe, 1884; Eudicella viridana Kolbe, 1884
Eudicella gralli allaeri Allard, 1985
Synonyme: Eudicella gralli thiryi Allard, 1993


Eudicella (Eudicella) inexpectata Antoine, 1985


Eudicella (Eudicella) intermedia Allard, 1985


Eudicella (Eudicella) morgani (White, 1839)
Synonyms: Eudicella alexisi Hennuy, 1997; Eudicella ignea Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella intermedia challemeli Allard, 1985; Eudicella lateralis Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella mandarina Devecis, 1997; Eudicella morgani camerouensis Allard, 1991; Eudicella morgani togoensis Allard, 1991; Eudicella schultzeorum pseudowoermanni Allard, 1991; Eudicella subvittata Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella viridipennis Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella viridipurpurata Devecis, 1997; Eudicella vittipennis Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella woermanni Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella ougandensis viridipurpurata Devecis, 1997; Eudicella poggei mandarina Devecis, 1997; Eudicella woermanni Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella woermanni alexisi Hennuy, 1997; Eudicella woermanni ignea Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella woermanni lateralis Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella woermanni nathaliae Allard, 1988; Eudicella woermanni subvittata Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella woermanni viridipennis Kraatz, 1890; Eudicella woermanni vittipennis Kraatz, 1890Eudicella woermanni nathaliae Allard, 1988


Eudicella nana Seidel, 2016


Eudicella (Eudicella) pauperata Kolbe, 1884
Synonyms: Eudicella congoensis Schürhoff, 1942; Eudicella wissmanni Kolbe, 1884; Eudicella woermanni iturina Allard, 1985; Eudicella woermanni mechowiana Allard, 1985; Eudicella woermanni ugandensis Allard, 1985


Eudicella preissi (Moser, 1912)
Synonyme: Coelorrhina preissi Moser, 1912


Eudicella (Eudicella) smithii (MacLeay, 1838)
Synonyms: Ceratorhina thomsoni Ancey, 1880; Eudicella euthalia natalensis Allard, 1985; Eudicella hacquardi Oberthür, 1880; Eudicella interruptefasciata Kraatz, 1899; Eudicella smithi allardi Ruter, 1978; Eudicella smithi allardiana Antoine, 1998; Eudicella trilineata Quedenfeld, 1880


Eudicella (Eudicella) tetraspilota (Harold, 1879)
Synonyms: Eudicella allaeri Ruter, 1978; Eudicella tetraspilota devautouri Allard, 1991; Eudicella tetraspilota onorei Allard, 1991
Eudicella (Eudicella) tetraspilota euthalia (Bates, 1881)
Synonyms: Ceratorrhina euthalia Bates, 1881; Eudicella euthalia bertherandi Fairmaire, 1891; Eudicella euthalia collinsi Allard, 1985; Eudicella euthalia faessleri Allard, 1991; Eudicella euthalia oweni Allard, 1985; Eudicella euthalia resseleri Allard, 1991; Eudicella euthalia rungwensis Allard, 1991; Eudicella hereroensis Kraatz, 1900; Eudicella immaculata Heath, 1904; Eudicella immaculata quadrimaculata Allard, 1993; Eudicella leyana Schoch, 1895; Eudicella montana Kolbe, 1907; Eudicella nyansana Kolbe, 1913; Eudicella nyassica Kolbe, 1901; Eudicella nyassica manowensis Allard, 1991; Eudicella shiratica Csiki, 1909; Eudicella smithi alberti Allard, 1991; Eudicella smithi dewildei Allard, 1985; Eudicella smithi itzingeri Allard, 1991; Eudicella smithi juheli Allard, 1991; Eudicella smithi lequeuxi Allard, 1991; Eudicella smithi maragoliensis Allard, 1991; Eudicella smithi mpwapwana Allard, 1991; Eudicella smithi newtonae Allard, 1985; Eudicella smithi virungaensis Allard, 1991; Eudicella smithi watulegei Allard, 1985


Eudicella (Eudicella) trimeni (Janson, 1889)
Synonyme: Eudicella trimeni transkeiensis Allard, 1991


Subgenus: Cyprolais Thomson, 1880


Eudicella (Cyprolais) allardi Marais & Holm, 1992
Synonyme: Coelorrhina ruteri Allard, 1982


Eudicella (Cyprolais) aurata (Westwood, 1841)
Synonyme: Ceratorhina gemina Lewis, 1879


Eudicella (Cyprolais) babaulti (Allard, 1982)


Eudicella (Cyprolais) cornuta (Heath, 1904)


Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani (Bates, 1877)
Synonyms: Coelorrhina affinis Aurivillus, 1886; Coelorrhina quadrimaculata Péringuey, 1907
Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani collinsi (Allard, 1982)
Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani elgonensis Allard, 1983
Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani lerui Allard, 1993
Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani nathaliae (Allard, 1988)
Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani quadripunctata Allard, 1985
Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani reducta (Allard, 1991)
Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani rougeoti (Allard, 1991)
Eudicella (Cyprolais) hornimani ruficeps Kolbe, 1884


Eudicella (Cyprolais) loricata (Janson,1877)
Synonyms: Ceratorhina grandyi Bates, 1877; Coelorrhina furcata Kolbe, 1884; Coelorrhina glabrata Kolbe, 1884; Coelorrhina imitatrix Kolbe, 1884; Coelorrhina nyassica Kraatz, 1900; Coelorrhina oberthuri Kolbe, 1896; Coelorrhina poggei Kolbe, 1884; Coelorrhina radei Kolbe, 1884; Coelorrhina ruficeps Kolbe, 1884
Cyprolais loricata kiellandi Allard, 1985
Cyprolais loricata knothi Schürhoff, 1933
Cyprolais loricata montana Allard, 1985
Cyprolais loricata oberthueri Kolbe, 1896
Cyprolais loricata rhodesiana Allard, 1985
Cyprolais loricata ruandana (Allard, 1985)
Cyprolais loricata vingerhoedti Allard, 1993


Eudicella (Cyprolais) mutica (Janson, 1915)
Cyprolais mutica holorufa Devecis, 1997


Eudicella (Cyprolais) quadrimaculata (Fabricius, 1781)
Synonyms: Coelorrhina peuvrieri Bourgoin, 1914; Coelorrhina pythia Kolbe, 1899; Coelorrhina viridiceps Kolbe, 1899


Eudicella (Cyprolais) ruteri (De Lisle, 1953)
Eudicella (Cyprolais) selene (Kolbe, 1899)
Eudicella (Cyprolais) smithii (MacLeay, 1838)
Eudicella (Cyprolais) viridipyga (Lewis,1879)
Synonyms: Coelorrhina chloropyga Thomson, 1880; Eudicella viridiater Devecis, 1997
Cyprolais viridipyga ghanaensis Devecis, 1997
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